Intelligent Document Processing

Modernize your document management with our easy-to-use, generative AI-powered solutions. Quickly transform, search, and retrieve information from documents, streamlining decision-making and ensuring compliance with enhanced accuracy and efficiency.

Enhanced Process Efficiency

Transform your business operations with Intelligent Document Processing. Powered by generative AI, our solutions automate the classification, extraction, and analysis of document data, reducing costs and freeing up resources for strategic tasks. Experience accelerated decision-making and enhanced agility across all document-heavy processes.

Smarter Decision Making

Leverage generative AI for advanced document processing. Our technology goes beyond traditional OCR by dynamically adapting to changes in document volume and type, uncovering valuable insights within structured, semi-structured, and unstructured documents. Convert complex data into actionable intelligence effortlessly.

Compliance Simplified

Streamline your compliance efforts with generative AI's ability to redact sensitive information automatically. Understand and secure sensitive data across extensive document collections with precision, ensuring robust privacy protection and adherence to strict regulatory standards without the need for manual intervention.

Common Use cases

Explore how IDP can be leveraged across various industries to efficiently process unstructured data at scale.


Quickly process diverse documents such as claims and clinical trial reports with AWS, turning complex data into actionable insights that accelerate decision-making.


Automate the processing of legal documents from court filings to agreements using OCR and NLP technologies on AWS, saving hours and increasing accuracy.


Efficiently handle varied insurance documents with AWS, extracting essential details like case IDs and property addresses with precision and speed.


Streamline the underwriting process by extracting critical data from loan documents using AWS, improving response times and reducing the risk of bad loans.

Public Sector

Enable public sector entities to make faster, more accurate decisions with AWS by processing essential documents like invoices and benefit claims efficiently.

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As an AWS Partner, CC Tech offers comprehensive expertise to harness the power of Intelligent Document Processing. We guide you through each phase of your project—from initial setup and integration to training and continuous improvement.

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